Salzburg, Austria
Morgan Tarpley is a Christ follower and an award-winning newspaper reporter and photographer. She is also a dual time novelist and lower middle grade novelist currently seeking representation. 

Besides traveling to over a dozen countries, her interests include reading, acting in her local theater, photography, and singing.

She is also a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and writes at the International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW) blog. She lives in Louisiana with her husband.

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More about Morgan

Her life’s mantra seems to fit well within the following quote from Albert Einstein: “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

Her book characters follow the same mindset … for they are ordinary women, who end up in extraordinary situations as they follow their hearts, dreams, and roll with the punches of life.

Some fun things Morgan has done:

-compete as an amateur boxer in front of an Olympian

-earn a scuba diving certification in Puerto Rico

-eat termites in the Costa Rican jungle

-ride camels in front of the Great Pyramids

-take fencing lessons

-study Spanish abroad

-backpack through the United Kingdom and Ireland

-land a lead role in a play and as an extra in a movie

-meet Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride and Rascal Flatts

Need proof? Visit Pinterest or Facebook to view photos from her adventures or to hear more about her future goals and to pin down your own, visit my Bucket List.