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Fiction That Travels Jr.

My lower Middle Grade novel is a contemporary realistic standalone with series potential—complete at 26,000 words—and will appeal to fans of “Middle Grade: From Hero to Zero” by James Patterson and “The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective” by Elizabeth Eulberg. 


About Book One

Ten-year-old Maylie Hawthorne has dreamed of exactly two things since she was six—traveling the world with her famous aunt and becoming a published author. Now, both could be a reality thanks to Aunt Layla’s invitation to travel Europe over the summer.

The first stop is England where an incredible castle, a new friendship, and a lot of weird words await Maylie. A writing surprise is even on the itinerary as quirky Grandma Suey acts as tour guide around London. But, even with one of Maylie’s biggest wishes coming true, she still has two very big problems. She has never finished a story, and her annoying twin brother, Camden, is on the trip too and determined to ruin it. 

When Maylie’s writing targets him as revenge and ends in a horrible prank involving a spooky maze, her dreams are on the line and may lead to the one thing she doesn’t want—a one-way ticket home.

My book is set in England
Tower Bridge

Afternoon Tea

Book TwoCurrently in Progress

Publishing Status

I am currently seeking representation by a literary agent.
I'll keep you updated. :)

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