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"Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before, and God will call the past to account." - Ecclesiastes 3:15

Book One: Currently in Progress

About Book One

Never underestimate someone’s past.
Her dreams crushed, a young woman returns home and is forever altered by a dark secret concealed seven decades by the elderly woman who lived it.

When her career ends as an event planner in New Orleans, Leah Meyer is forced back to a small Louisiana town within reach of her mother’s control—the last place she wants to be. Settling for a job at a nursing home, Leah clashes with a co-worker and misdirects her frustration on resident Nona Wilson, a sweet elderly woman with a lopsided bun and love of quilting. The incident reveals a dark hidden truth that Nona has never told a soul. She was a Nazi.

One of thousands, even in America, indoctrinated from birth in Hitler’s ideology, Nona is sent from Wisconsin to the cradle of Nazi society in Munich. Among the glittering parties and handsome suitors, she embarks on a quest for truth that leads to treason in the midst of a war like the world has never seen.

Captivated by the extraordinary tale of young love and the dangers wrought by the Second World War, Leah is swept up in the story, leading her present to collide with the past as she traces Nona’s footsteps across Germany and discovers the great extent of how Nona’s faith and sacrifice have inexplicably changed her life.

Publishing Status

-Work in Progress-

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